Referral Program


This is the newest service at our company and we just recently added it in. So far though, we think that it is really helpful for both sides and can help everyone out. We all have tons of friends and know tons of different people that live around us. Chances are, you are going to find someone that needs to move one day. You can actually earn money or credit for our company. At commercial moving Oklahoma City, we really value our customers. If you contact us and hook us up with them and they hire us, then we will give you a small commission or money off towards your move. We have been able to meet a ton of new and different people at our company thanks to our newest program and we know that we are going to meet a ton more people in the near future.

New Customers

The longer you wait to push someone towards our company, the better chance that they are going to find a different company. It is best to not wait at all and contact us right away if you know of someone that may be interested in working with our company. Although it is the newest thing at our company, it has had the biggest impact on our company. Our referral program is the main reason we have grown into the company that we are today and we have handed out tons of coupons and commission checks to the people that help us out. If you know of anybody that is even slightly interested in moving soon, tell them to call our company and you will get hooked up for it. It is a win win for both sides and you get paid because of it. We know this is going to help our company continue to grow and you can be a huge part of it.

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