Rental Service

Borrowing Our Equipment

This is the perfect service if you are one of those people that like to try and get the move done on your own. However, depending upon how far you are actually going to move, you’re going to need to get some new tools to help you out. Our company has been renting out tons of different things over the years to help our customers move everything safe and sound. Some of the things that we mainly rent out are trucks, trailers and moving tools, to help move the heavy boxes. If you have the time and are dedicated enough, this is a great service for you and can really help you save a bunch of money in the end. This is probably the most popular service at our company and we have found out how popular it is. Since our company, the San Jose CA Moving, has been growing each and everyday, we have been able to add more trucks and trailers and upgrade to the best ones on the market.


Basically, thanks to our amazing fans, we are able to provide you the best things on the market and you know that everything is going to be safe when you rent something out from us. Don’t force things into things they don’t fit into. Or try to rent out a truck from somewhere that has really crappy ones. It’s going to cause a ton of different issues and create more problems. We are the safe bet as we have the best trucks, trailers and other tools available to you and have been doing it for years now. If interested in renting something out from us, give us a call and we will schedule an appointment with you right away. This has been working for us for years now and we plan to continue to keep renting our stuff out to our customers.